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At Films4FrightFest London!

Estupendas noticias para empezar las vacaciones!! Asuntos Domésticos compite en el Films4 Fright Fest, uno de los festivales de género más importantes del Reino Unido. Allí estaremos el 30 de Agosto en el Vue Cinema en Leicester Square, Londres.

Asuntos Domésticos selected in competition at the dark heart of cinema: Films4FrightFest.

DOMESTIC AFFAIRS (UK Premiere)Director: Alexia Muiñós Ruiz. Cast: Helena Miquel, Alex Brull, Josep Antoni Lej. Spain 2015. 14 mins.A chance meeting leads to a sexual encounter that will hold more than a few surprises.


The ladies bring the laughter with four amazing shorts: SEND IN THE CLOWNS by

Kate Shelton and VINTAGE BLOOD by Abigail Blackmore, both from the UK;

DOMESTIC AFFAIRS, a midnight romance from Spain by Alexia Muiños Ruiz; and

the violently extreme EL GIGANTE, a Canadian-Mexican production by Gigi Saul

Guerrero. From the US comes the very short but very bizarre CROW HAND!! By

Brian Lonano and DEATHLY, a different kind of haunting, by Mike Williamson. This

program also includes the world premiere of the new Clemens Bros short

SURGERY, and two experimental shorts, IN THE TALL GRASS from Israel and

UMBRA from Australia-New Zealand.

SEND IN THE CLOWNS (World Premiere)

Director: Kate Shenton. Cast: David Wayman, Niahm Walsh. UK 2014.11 mins.

David has a dream: to be the scariest clown in the world. But it’s not easy on a budget.

VINTAGE BLOOD (World Premiere)

Director: Abigail Blackmore. Cast: Indira Varma, Sophie Thompson, Michael Rosen, Tracy

Whitwell. UK 2015 14 mins.

At a quirky vintage shop, owner Izzy must cope with a curse that threatens her boyfriend’s


CROW HAND!! (UK Premiere)

Director: Brian Lonano. Cast: Jason Vail, Caitlin McPhail. USA 2014. 3 mins.

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No it’s a bird! Maybe???


Director: Alexii Multoof. Cast: Alexii Multoff, Nadia Dubijansky, Federico Lusthaus. Israel

2014. 8 mins.

Joseph keeps to himself in his flat, haunted by images of unfocused and unknown violence

that torture his mind.

DEATHLY (World Premiere)

Director: Mike Williamson. Cast: Alan Ruck. Kathleen Wilhoite. USA 2015.13 mins.

A man has lost his wife under seemingly accidental circumstances; but the truth might come

back to haunt him.

UMBRA (European Ptremiere)

Director: Bryn Tilly. Cast: Fraser Gray, Charlotte Antonievich, Melissa Snater. Australia/New

Zealand 2014. 5 mins.

A mortal woman is seduced and transformed into a vampire, which sets off a surreal and

deadly nightmare.


Director: Alexia Muiñós Ruiz. Cast: Helena Miquel, Alex Brull. Spain 2015. 14 mins.

A chance meeting leads to a sexual encounter that will hold more than a few surprises.

SURGERY (World Premiere)

Directors: The Clemens Bros. Cast: Nicholas Ball, Jamie Lee, Laura Lemon, Sam Clemens.

UK 2015.11 mins.

A man is rescued after being tortured by a psychopath. But the cure might be worse than the


EL GIGANTE (UK Premiere)

Director: Gigi Saul Guerrero. Cast: Edwin Perez, David Forts, Mathias Retamal, Nisreen

Slim. Canada/Mexico 2014.14 mins.

Searching for a better life, Armando instead finds himself at the mercy of a sadistic family,

where he must fight for his life against a monster.

FrightFest was originally conceived by Paul McEvoy, Ian Rattray and Alan Jones and staged its first event in 2000 at the Prince Charles cinema, off London’s Leicester Square. Its August Bank Holiday weekend date has remained a fixture ever since. Greg Day, their long-serving PR man, joined the company as a co-director in 2006.

The objective of FrightFest was to provide the UK with a horror fantasy festival of similar stature to the market leaders in Europe, Sitges (Spain) and Brussels (Belgium). FrightFest has since evolved into a community where audiences and guests alike travel from all over the world to be part of the event’s unique atmosphere.

Due to rapidly increasing audiences and its burgeoning reputation as a must-attend event, FrightFest moved home to Screen One of the Odeon West End, Leicester Square in 2005 and staged the LAND OF THE DEAD premiere, with legendary icon George Romero in attendance. 2006 found FrightFest having to move again to the larger Screen Two auditorium in the Odeon West End and extending its length from four to five days. This was a banner year with the second only screening of PAN’S LABYRINTH after its Cannes Film Festival debut. Director Guillermo del Toro attending for the second time that year called FrightFest “The Woodstock of Gore” and the audience sang Happy Birthday to 'Starsky & Hutch' icon David Soul.

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