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The Woman and The Vampire

Asuntos Domésticos será objeto de estudio y discusión en la conferencia de Sonia Lupher en el Final Girls Berlin FiIm Festival. Más info

15:00 – Talk – The Woman and the Vampire with Sonia Lupher

What is the significance of the relationship between women and vampires? Whether they are fans, victims, or predators themselves, women enjoy a privileged erotic relationship to vampires onscreen, perhaps out of a perverse affinity to blood. Sonia Lupher from the University of Pittsburgh will explore these avenues with particular attention to the European vampire, spanning the 1930s with the Spanish Drácula (1931), the 1970s with Jesus Franco and Jean Rollin’s respective vampire exploitation films, and culminating with two Spanish short films directed by women: Jules D. by Norma Vila and Asuntos Domésticos by Alexia Muiños Ruiz.

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