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Asuntos Domésticos en #Tales of Horror

Asuntos Domésticos, aún en el circuito de festivales, ha sido incluido en la colección de cortometrajes #Tales of Horror (episodio 5)

Lilith Death welcomes you into her library of tales once more, tonight at 8pm EST as Tales of ‪#‎Horror‬ returns with its 5th volume of stories to chill your blood.

Lilith is sometimes considered a story herself…something whispered about in the dark for centuries past. She is ‪#‎myth‬ and mistress combined. Something similar can be said about the stories in tonight’s volume but perhaps Lilith has more in common with our second tale, “Domestic Affairs.” Hot blooded passion and femme fatale that’s worth dying for and who is more than she seems? Well, yes that could very well be our Mistress of Tales couldn’t it?

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